The Queen said Come Over! so I did. This is the story.

I graduated from university in summer 2010 and decided to take a break. Soon after that I found myself looking for tickets to Iceland but I couldn't find direct flights. I figured if I head north to catch a plane from there, it would be cheaper. That's when I stumbled upon this place called Edinburgh, which I didn't even know how to pronounce. The fares to and from Edinburgh were inexpensive. It was only later on, after I had done some research on Iceland, that I found out about Iceland's temperatures in October. Wanting to trek and probably sleep outside or in a car in Iceland, I sadly realized that I had to postpone my travels to Iceland for a year or two. "Screw it, I'm still going to Edinburgh!", I thought and ended up adding Glasgow and London as destinations of the trip as well. No coin-flipping required.
Stay tuned for the Iceland video.

Dedicated to
Alex, Cameron, Carl, Charlotte, Dan, Erin, Freya, Geri, Iain, Ian, Kaja, Ollie, Ollie, Paul, Sas, Sean, Sofia, Tomasz, Urszula.

Music: The Streets - On the Flip of a Coin

Due to sloppiness this video cannot be viewed in HD. And I didn't have a tripod with me. Sorry bout that.

My photographs of the trip can be viewed here:

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