Laser Audio Installation was concepted and created by Ara Cho, Zach Schwartz and I.
Materials- plastic boxes (Plastic Land),speaker wire(RadioShack), laser pointers(EBAY), misc hardware.

This concept is an attempt at creating an environment that can be interacted with directly, either purposefully or incidentally.
14 lasers contained in individual boxes are suspended via speaker wire connected to a centralized power supply.
Disturbing and agitating each box creates a pendulum, resulting in a natural motion pattern of each laser diode beam on the floor.
These motion paths are tracked by a video camera using luma difference.
Jitter is used to divide the floor plane into distinct 2D quadrants. As the beams cross over from quadrant to quadrant, Jitter triggers a midi note resulting in extremes of single notes to cacophony proportionally related to the motion.

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