Stop motion video I did for Sanoma. Shot almost entirely frame-by-frame, on a Canon 5D using two lenses (50 1.4 and 35-70 2.0). All stop motion is captured in Dragon, post-production was done in After Effects CS5.

Timelapse of the shoot can be found here:

My role in this project: director, set dresser, post-production. Made with help of Rene van Dijk and Sofieke van Kooten.

Company: DPPLR // Client: Sanoma

Fun facts:
- We shot the entire video in 9 days.
- Searching magazines for people, furniture and backgrounds was way much more time-consuming than shooting the photos.
- The set of the part starting at 00:44 took en entire day to build but just 1,5 hour to shoot.
- We started off at 12 fps, but the client wanted us to switch back to 8 fps. This caused a lot of trouble in After Effects (for instance, we had to toggle hold on all the keyframes) and forced us to throw away 1/3 of all the frames we shot so far.
- The photo in the background at 00:57 is me and Rene. Our names (and the name of Sofieke) are written on the whiteboard as well.

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