An introduction to The Ripple Project's impending anthology of narrative films.

Based on true stories and shot on location around the world, the introduction demonstrates the range and power of the anthology's concept. The Ripple Project War will capture the lives and lessons of those who survived, who have lived on, those who ride a wave of memories and before they fade away.

The anthology will represent a unique cinematic experience that effortlessly blends together the soulful and moving tales of those who heard the last shot fired and in whose ears and lives it still rings.

Narrator: Elliot Gould

Director: Liron Unreich
Editor: Tal Unreich
Producer: Liron Unreich for The Ripple Project

Featured films included: The Binding of Isaac by Liron Unreich, 'PAC by Raquel Cepeda, January 1st by Noaz Deshe, Block 20 by Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz.

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