''Keimkasten 3'' follows a man who moves between two spheres, both physical and temporal, which remain largely anonymous. The spaces through which the central character travels function like manifestations of his psyche, extensions of his being. The protagonist, too, seems to only have a vague notion as to where he may be. It soon transpires, however, that he has found himself isolated for a particular reason and that there is no going back.
Throughout the film, the protagonist is partially acting on an impulse to search for somebody or something, carrying out symbolic gestures and movements in an effort to negotiate his position within two repressive environments and an attempt to retain some semblance of individuality whilst simultaneously recognising the futility of such behaviour.

Keimkasten 3
was written, produced and directed by Anne Kathrin Greiner (© 2010).

Anne Kathrin Greiner

Alexander Hill

Sound Editor
Adèle Fletcher

Alexander Hill & Anne Kathrin Greiner

With special thanks to Tobias Bock, Albrecht Kayser-Eichberg, Ann Tarn, the Malzfabrik team, 25p cine support, cine +.

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