In this REFUGE film clip, directed and produced by John Halpern, His Holiness the 14th DALAI LAMA of Tibet describes the criteria for which a meditation master should be judged. He explains that opportunism and exploitation may occur when a teacher is not qualified.

Enjoy these selected clips from REFUGE, a 57 minute documentary about the story of Buddhism coming West and the transformation of two cultures, at the birth of the 21ST Century.

This, as well as other REFUGE clips here on Vimeo, are part of the documentary film (REFUGE), completed in 2006.

REFUGE premiered at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan, National Film Board of Canada and the Bloor Cinema, in Toronto and at numerous film festivals, worldwide such as Breckenridge, IDFA, Century City, and more.

REFUGE is now being re-written as a 90 minute non-fiction drama and is seeking funding.

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-----------CREDITS + CONTACT INFO------------

Executive Producer:
D.B. Pictures

Writer/ Narrator:
Les Levine

Composer :
Steve Reich

Camera :
Wayne De Laroche
Liz Dory
Rahul Ranadive

Michael Dobsevage

John Halpern, U.S.

CONTACT: John Halpern

MDS Productions
41 Union Square / Suite 1326 / New York, NY 10003
Phone/Fax: 212 929 0596 Cell: 917 991-9279

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