Title: JAVAWUG BOF 39 JavaFX: A RIA Solution to Reinvigorate Your Desktop

Speakers: Peter Pilgrim

This is a video recording of JAVAWUG BOF that took place on Tuesday 29th July 2008 in London


This talk will be an introductory and overview of the Compiled JavaFXtm, which is Sun Microsystem's attempt to (re-)enter the Rich Internet Area space. JavaFX is competing with the other top two RIA solutions, namely: Microsoft's Silverlight and Adobe Flex.

Why should you, as an enterprise software developer, now get into JavaFXtm?


Peter is the founder and organised of the Java Web Users Group (JAVAWUG). In 2007, he was nominated by his fellow peers on the Sun Java Champions program. Peter is a Sun Certified Java Architect for the Java EE 5 platform. He has been writing Java programs since 1997. He has delivered talks on JavaFX for the Erlang Exchange, CommunityOne , San Francisco and the ACCU Oxford Conference . Peter writes the regular World View Series for the ACCU Magazine, CVu UK.

Peter currently works full time for Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets in the City of London, where he enjoys the role of Technical Leader for E-Channel Services. He has been involved with Deutsche, UBS and Credit Suisse to name but a few.


Thanks to Skills Matter for hosting the JAVAWUG




Produced by Peter A. Pilgrim
Java Champion,
Java EE Software Design Artist
Financial Services / IT , London, England


Founder and organiser of the JAVAWUG


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