Here is a video compilation of HighStreet 5 Couple Cash Point Stunts.
16 Cash Point Stunts are compiled in to this video clip.

The idea of this video was so as to let players preview the couple stunts before buying them.
As the current HS5 Game doesn't provide any preview of the couple stunts.

Stunt List:
Meeting and Separating 220Pts
An Arm's Length 220Pts
Twirling Peg-Top 345Pts
Never Say Good Bye 345Pts
Latin Savor 345Pts
Nestling 520Pts
Love at First Sight 470Pts
Embrace 470Pts
Separated But Still Missing 520Pts
You Are My Only Love 868Pts
As Passionate As Fire 470Pts
Jump With Joy 220Pts
With Each Other No Matter How Hard 997Pts
Beautiful Windmill 747Pts
Light-Dance Up 520Pts
Still In My Heart 1280Pts

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