The “Develop Your Eye” exhibition took place on Friday the 19th of November 2010 at The Vineyard in St Kilda, Melbourne. The exhibition was the the result of GoldCoast skateboards giving six identities of the Australian surf, skate and snow scene a disposable camera to capture "their world". The idea was to allow not only photographers but others who are heavily involved within the scene the chance to show off their creative side, while being limited to only 27 shots to be taken with the provided disposable camera.

The identities chosen to be apart of “Develop Your Eye” were: Rick Baker, Riley Blakeway, Mitch Crews, Liam Kaska, LifeWithoutAndy, Trevor King

More information can be found at:

Music: "Intrusion" By Late Arvo Sons from the Letters From Another Alphabet album, Up Yours Records Melbourne 2009.

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