Time remapping Canon 60D Martial Arts Commercial

This is a video we shot using one Canon 60D. Lighting for this video was difficult because being it was a Martial arts studio their was a mirror that stretched the whole length of the back wall. This caused a lot of light reflecting in areas I did not want it to. So we used black foam core attached with cheap home depot clamps to cheap tripods. This allowed us to block unwanted light from hitting the mirror in the back. The main light was hung above the master it was a 500 watt single work light pointing strait down on him. I added flicker in after effects CS5. The other light were dual 1000 watt work lights placed on each side, behind the guys in white,this was a perfect place to put them because the guys in white blocked the view of the lights from the camera. I put blue gels on those lights to give a blueish atmosphere. I used Konova slider, floor rail dolly, and small crane to achieve the movement of the camera. Also added the dust from the foot stomp in after effects and some lens flare.
Camera settings: 1280 x 720, shutter 50, f/1.8 , ISO 640.
Lenses used: Canon 28mm 1.8 and Nikon 50mm 1.8

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