The project is based upon our idea to create social urban space, which is constantly changing according to people’s needs.

The project we present consists of three parts:
“RED, The Table”, “Green houses” and “The BULB”.

“RED, The Table” is a conceptual 3D animation held around a red table, which represents a “bridge” between reality and personal virtual perceptions. This concept presents an illustration of the city from an alternative point of view. It was built on the information collected around the table from the inhabitants of Eindhoven. Therefore “RED, The Table” symbolizes an exploration of the urban social space of Eindhoven. The table was physically and virtually presented in the installation at Dutch Design Week 2010. Here people gathered around “RED, The Table” to view the animation, by doing so these two concepts represented by the table-a virtual image of the city and the real social urban space-were merged.

Project team:
Andrea Sollazzo
Louisa Vermoere
Zygintas Papartis
Grazina Seskeviciute
Evelina Liaugaudaite
Andrius Raguotis
Sandra Cecet
Bart Barenbrug
Walther Roelen


Special thanks for "RED, the Table":
Giacomo Mezzadri

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