this was to be our 3rd test on Blender 2.49, sadly we didnt finish the renders because we were task to create a new one.Team roster: Rigger,compositor:Raul Abonitalla/ Daniel Ivan Arias.Shaders and lighting:Ryan Abonitalla/Daniel Ivan Arias. Modeler/Texture: Daryll Garcia/ Rockebilly Ababat. Animators: Raoul Jonas Padilla, Candice Bacas, Francis Farin, Paolo Chaz Gomez,Bb Grace Gomez,Ryan Abontalla, Daniel Ivan Arias.
it was a great experience using Blender 2.49. im very honored to have team mates whose dedication and fortitude allowed us create something we can be proud of.
heres the link to the rendered versions
heres the link of our second project
heres the link of our first project

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