I ran in to something interesting while I was showing my Dad my new T2i 550D DSLR camera.

We both took pictures of each other on a tripod and since it was my Dad and wasn't one of my kids I used the manual focus on the lens and then zoomed in all the way using live mode to make sure the reflection of the eye ball was in perfect focus.

This was all at f3.2.

Then after I took the shot and then play it back on the camera's screen it looked a little soft.

But when I imported it in to Adobe Lightroom and zoomed in the eye ball reflection looked perfectly sharp.

So the thought occurred to me that what we see in jpg form on the back of the camera which looks soft is because of the picture style applied(sharpening) or just that the jpg is not that good compared to live mode.

Has anyone else noticed this? I image this is also the case when you are in video mode.

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