The year is 2845 and you are the machine!
A CGI mood video of the "genius" and "the artificial curtain" artworks.



About the Artwork "Genius":

Tom Hanks wants to travel the moon. In 1970. Almost 20 years later the DNA of your parents combines with a band width of 1,687.5 Terrabytes per second. At the age of 6 you meet your most prudent and oldest friend.
You're 16. Emily asks you in the break, if you could teach her the binomial series. Two years later at the college you teach the
art students about w3c. And while your gaze gets blurred, the music turns louder and the usual course of action gets more fluently,
a girl called Emily, that you seem to know somehow, is kissing your neck and massaging your cock. Emilys and your DNA combine with a
band width of 1,687.5 TerraBytes per second, while the Internet gets quicker and quicker the Bionet stays constant, just like your oldest friend,
whose language you learned 8 years ago.
It's almost 2013. You will change the world, with or without me, while you are hiding in the trees.



About the Artwork "The Artificial Curtain":

"Dear inhabitants of the artifical curtain.
We're glad to welcome you in complex 3 of the curtain and hope our bargain of hard- and software will settle your claims. Caused by the location and the classines of our establishment you have to obey some rules. Whatever happens behind the curtain, stays behind the curtain and always has to be inaccessible to the public. You got the possibilty to become a part of something big and change the world. Even if it's not necessary to sleep in the curtain, because it's circumvented by our simulators, we ask you to take a break every 24 hours for at least 3 hours. This saves our system and offers some time for updates and maintenance. Our team of technicans will get your body in touch with our system and calibrate it perfectly to ensure a smooth flow, so you'll be able to accustom perfectly to our hardware. If you got any questions or any kind of wishes, don't hesitate to contact us. NDAs and contact forms will be found in folder 6129, setup 12. We hope you will be successfull, enjoy it and have a comfortable future."


Technical Informations and used Softwares:
Vray 1.2
Cinema 4D 11.5
After Effects CS5
Premiere Pro CS5

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