Tranqui Yanqui, alter-ego of Miami-artist Nick Mahshie presents his 3rd official Fashion Show at Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A mini documentary showing the show's production- from the artist's studio to the backstage, to the color and raw energy of the final show.

Video production:
Sofia Brockenshire
Vanessa Diaz

El Remolón
Majo SoulMusic

VJ: Lolo DataRape

Agustina Menendez
Ollantay Rojas

Melissa Foss, Alejandro Caminero, Lara Correa, Yasmin Berry, El Tony Lecot, Soledad Sturla, Michelle Swenson, Mattea Fleischner, Car Potemkin, Pierre André-Marquier, Vagner Cardoso, Pablo Novella, Daniela Maestres, Dika Faru

Special Thanks: Pato Welch, Tanner Wells, Lourdes Celis, Kate Stanworth, Stephanie Osgood Choate

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