TRUTH that "purification is NOT and never will be a process.

ONLY those who are in a "process" themselves that that LIE, because they have NOT entered in themselves, and they can NOT "show you the Way either.

Why would anyone go to anyone to have them teach something they have NOT learned enough to be what they are PRETENDING to teach.

Why would anyone TRY to learn sanctification / heart purity from anyone who is NOT sanctified or heart pure themselves.

That is just like TRYING to learn flying from anyone who have NOT ever flown a plane, and only read PARTS of "How to FLY!"
But with "ETERNAL" ramifications, in the WRONG place.....

Wrong choice to learn from the UN-godly the things of GOD!

Why rely on the still "carnal minded"
"Because the carnal mind is enmity against GOD, for it is not subject to the LAW of GOD, neither indeed can be." Rom 8: 7

WHY? Would you TRY to learn from anyone who is still carnally minded who... 1. "enemies of GOD!"
2. NOR ... " for it [the carnal mind] is not subject to the LAW of GOD."

Would that be the DUMBEST choice that any soul could make?
Answer is YES!

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