In the year 2000 I was obsessed with the Sega Genisis video game, Captain America & The Avengers. I made it my mission to beat the damn thing w/out using any continues.

At the same time I was taking a Super 8mm class at Mass Art. My super 8 camera never left my side and since I was recovering from an unfortunate leg accident [thanks "being 20"] I never left the TV. It's because of this that I was lucky enough to catch the Raymond Burr alternate cut of Godzilla.

Put it all in a blender and mix in my brand new [used] sp-202 Dr.Sample and you have "TROY". There are weird cuts and things I'd do differently today but 10 years later and I can still stand to watch this. So, I'm sharing it.

Oh yeah, this was cut on film, you can see the tape edits. Then projected and dubbed to video, you can see where my tape edits had trouble going through the projector. Then I put that in the first version of FCP and tweaked the sound. Originally the sound was a 4-track tape that I would try to sync up while the film was playing in the screening room. It never worked. I miss those days.

The end.

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