This servo is specially made to be used as a typical RC servo with full proportional control over multiple revolutions or to be used as a continuous rotation servo with no proportional control.

The number of turns the servo will rotate proportionally can be programmed to any number of turns the user wishes.

This is useful for camera gimbal installations which utilize gear reduction. Normally gear reduction in a camera gimbal meant no proportional control unless an external potentiometer was attached to the driven axis.

This new servo eliminates the need for external potentiometers for multiturn proportional control.

Also this servo can be programmed to work in velocity mode. Velocity mode is the mode a servo acts once it has been modified for 360 rotation. Typically when this is done the servo loses it's ability to resist motion of the load applied to the output shaft because the internal potentiometer is removed from the feedback loop. This new servo does not lose it's ability to resist motion when a load is applied to the output shaft. It resists deviating it's position when a load is applied to the output shaft.

This is all possible because of unique position sensing hardware and software inside the servo.

This is a standard size RC servo and is a direct replacement for any camera gimbals which use standard size servos.

This servo is very useful for camera gimbal stabilization systems that would normally require the use of an external potentiometer connected to the driven axis of the gimbal.

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