Montréal Hearts: Episode 12 - V.I.P. At Honey Martin pub, Garth awaits Cameron- to set her up with a very special client. In addition to the finder's fee, Cameron finds Patrick might be more than she bargained for. He knows her drink: a Black Russian, he suggests they go somewhere more discreet for a sexual encounter. She accepts, crunching an ice cube between her teeth and tongue. After an explicit affair, she is undressed, in only her robe when Patrick comes out dressed in only a towel, his bare torso showing. Patrick's secret is revealed after the money is exchanged.

Musical Guests
Sonny Best Band
Johnny Griffin

Featuring Rosaruby Kagan, Adrien Benn and Ryan Hipgrave

Directed by Raphael Hébert
Written by Jason McCullough and Adam Kelly
Edited by Rhuland Proudfoot and Shaun Malley
Cinematography Elias C. Varoutsos

2nd Camera Chris Alsop

Sound Philippe Bourret

Special Thanks to
Erin Clark
Brian Degrace
Simone Winkler

and to Johhny Griffin & Leo

and to Waco

Gung Horse Productions, 2010

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