The Theocratic Republic of Gaia Presents:
Confessional Catalytic Noise Machine
By: Elektra KB
Music: Nicolas Ulloa

"The aim of mi video is to function as a catalytic medium to cleanse sins, and explores cultural notions of guilt and puritanism, built on false moral and question how women are perceived today. Puritan culture emphasized the need for self-examination and the strict accounting for one’s feelings as well as one’s deeds. My piece will begin as a work in progress when an audience will be able to participate in the act of sin confession in a wooden white confessional box installation where people will record their sins in advance, confessing as they would do at a catholic church. The confessional box will be located in Union Square for a period of seven days, signs will make clear to the public that they will be participating in an art project. The confessional box will be removed from the site, and only confessions from women will be used. The result of this first installation will be audio material that will be used towards a video installation, which will take place in the central part of the first floor of the Guggenheim Museum, over a circular platform. The sins will be played in the Catalytic Absolvent Noise Machine in a recorded video performance.
There will be two video projections, which will be shown inside the original white wooden structure, resembling a confessional box. There will be four entrances to the confessional, so it suits better it’s central location on top of the circular platform. The confessional will be divided in to two spaces, but people would be able to enter the space from one side or the other. On one side of the platform, there will be a large ice sculpture of the emblem of the Theocratic Republic of Gaia, measuring 6’ inches in height, that represents the ephemeral nature of existence, as it melts, through the eyes of those that believe in the divine and look forward to the process of the Confessional Catalytic Noise Machine. One space will be a metaphor of the guilt catalyst process; the other space will be a guiltless insurgent space, where sin doesn’t exist.
In the first space, I would execute a ritual confessional noise machine, where I will play the White Papess as an allegory to the person on earth that represents the divine. Confessionals are where people are driven with a sense of guilt and the theological authority has the power to absolve them through a formula of prayers that execute a catalytic effect. The “sinners” would be women, as women have been stigmatized trough history from the transition of feudalism to capitalism. From the witch-hunt; a war against women that attempted to demonize them until, being burned alive and stoned because of adultery, and being seen as an object of desire and being combusting the flame of sin. One example of this, in the American continent are the salem trials, which explained that New Englanders had settled in the land of the devil, a symbol of the many attempts to demonize women.
The noise will be equivalent to the sin-absolving prayers that will transmit divine waves that will cleanse the sins.
The second room and video projection of the confessional box, is a metaphor for living sin free and being part of the insurgency of the Theocratic Republic of Gaia. It questions the role of the female body in society, as women have been essentially producing the most valuable capitalist commodity: labour-power. The insurgent army, denied the production of labour-power and started a dancing war in the Theocratic Republic, mocking the autocratic order and disobeying the power of the white papess who was helping by absolving the sins of women in the Theocratic Republic of Gaia."

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