Long Form Music Video for Billy Drease's latest single "Run", from the album Good Morning AMY, available now.

Download it today on iTunes : itunes.apple.com/us/album/good-morning-amy/id375299693

Buy the CD (100% GREEN) on Amazon : amazon.com/Good-Morning-Billy-Drease-Williams/dp/B003JCLSPW

Video Directed and Edited by Dominic Luongo.
Written, Created and Story-boarded by Edreys Wajed.
Graphic Design by Hayley Meister.
Lighting, Prop Master, Rain-making, Casting, Construction, Fire Fiend and almost everything else by Tony Caferro and the DTR45 Interns. That's the team!

Song Written and Performed by Billy Drease Williams. Produced by TrevThorne. Scratches by DJ Optimus Prime. Mixed and Mastered by Alan Evans.
(C) 2010 DTR45 LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Booking, Inquiries, Requests: contact Tony Caferro at DTR45 : tone[at]dtr45.com or 716.873.2151


Interview w/ Billy Drease Williams:

What was the creative process for planning and shooting the RUN video?

"The creative process always begins with, "Hey Dom, let's shoot a video," and Dom responds, "Roger that!"
Inside jokes aside, the process was pretty much the same as its been for Shut the Gate and Just Doin It, which is, I immediately begin imagining and visualizing bits and pieces of what I'd like to see and capture the ideas by drawing them onto paper. I share these ideas with Dom and then his imagination adds fuel to the fire and as I add his visions we eventually have a working storyboard of images and stills to work from, a blueprint. The major difference with "RUN" is we wanted to really make it more theatrical, darker
and gripping, with more of a storyline as opposed to the free and lighter approach we used previously. We had lots of planning to do as well as a lot of hunch-guessing to do, as 80-90% was shot outdoors in elements out of our control, so you'll notice the environment changing which predicted some of what we shot, but it all lent to a great final piece."

What is the basic theme/concept that you and the director brought into the video?

"The theme or concept behind this piece was to tell the story that many people have experienced at some point in their lives, the tale heartbreak and the path to recovery and restoration of oneself, as many people hopelessly lose themselves in relationships. We wanted it to be more than just a video, so we extended it to a mini, like 7 minutes in length. We packed it so that each frame would be interesting, engaging and story relative, as well as have a natural, non-fiction feel, as there aren't any actors in this and we approached it very realistically with real people. To put it short though, I play an artist (which I am in real life), and during this break-up and separation from this woman, I find myself again through the therapy of painting memories on this canvas that I find on the streets. There is also a sub story where I find comfort in my father (my real father, a craftsman and jeweler) who through the firing, cutting,
casting and polishing of this necklace charm, he helps restore me as well. "

What can viewers expect when they see the video?

"What we desire most, is we want people to "feel" something as opposed to just seeing something. Dom and I have a standard of visual, cinematography dynamism already, so that goes without saying. But this time around we want people to feel the breathless moments. We want men/women to feel the despair, the loneliness and emptiness. We definitely accomplished delivering that aspect of it. This video will also make some people uncomfortable as it will challenge their image of what love looks like from a racial standpoint, as well as serve as a glimpse into what some early critics believe is a social commentary on the condition of Western New York's racial divide. There has been some interesting feedback already."

In what ways is this video different from your previous videos?

"There are a few things different about this offering that makes it stand apart. One thing that you may notice is that I actually go through a transformation, where i had to actually let my hair grow for a month or two with no haircut or trim, even a fuzzy beard, just to get into this character. We narrowed down the cast and kept it really focused on two primary characters as opposed to our collectively driven, multi-artist feature ideas for our videos. The richness and realistic quality came as a result of an organic, non forceful approach, as we shot when we could and rested when we couldn't, which stretched the video shooting calendar dates
a little longer than expected, but it lent to the final piece feeling just right."

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