Whilst at the R3play expo, I got to indulge myself in one of my all time great loves-one that unfortunately these days I do not get much of a chance to partake in after a vast decline in it's popularity...

I'm talking of course about... PINBALL!!

R3play had 11 (count em-11!) tables on show-it is hard enough to come across ONE pinball table these days...I live in a medium sized City and I can tell you that to my Knowledge there is only ONE Pinball table in the whole city and I know exactly where it is-such is my obsession (there used to be two-on opposite ends of the city, but I believe one broke down and was bought by a collector...).

The tables on offer at R3play were:

Black rose
Party zone
Jungle lord
Terminator 2
Terminator 3
White water
Bram stokers Dracula
Back to the future (unfortunately not working)
Family guy

This Retrocast overview gives a sweep of R3play's "Pinball Alley", and a pan across each table-in the interests of shortness, I have included some very basic information about each table, as you can easily find out all the detailed information you need from the net (I would recommend ipdb.org).

Enjoy, and comment below on YOUR best Pinball memories!

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