Title Sequence Design: Pitch, Boards, Design, Direction, Shoot Supervision, Edit, Comp, Project Management

Following on from a successful title sequence pitch, I went into full production on the Cops titles with a team comprised of both in-house staff at the LaB Sydney and freelancers from Supervixen. As Design Director, I headed up this team creatively and as point of contact with Channel Nine.

Using hand-picked footage of main actors, we set about bringing the pitch frames to life. We shot the Cops LAC car on location at Cops headquarters under the Anzac Bridge, using a Canon 5D mkII and a 2nd support camera, shooting Raw for both environment and car plates.

Stills were used mostly for reflection shots, and, as darkness fell, we complemented these with HD footage of abstract, flashing police lights, controlled by our stunt driver (no designers were harmed during these stunts).

An additional night shoot using GoPro suction mount cameras provided us with plates of reflections traveling over the car surface, which we warped and composited onto the cleaned-up stills from the previous shoot, in order to bring them to life. Thanks to Ian Watson for his never-ending supply of suction cups, GoPros, and technical advice.

With a pacey edit cut to the rockabilly track "Howlin' for You" by the Black Keys, the journey was complete, simply and effectively capturing the attitude of the show and it's characters. Many thanks to the Channel Nine producers who helped make this happen.

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Titles Director / Pitch / Design / Edit: Scott Geersen
Compositors: Scott Geersen, Daniel Bavell, Morten Rowley, Jess Morgan
Live Action Car/Location Shoots: Morten Rowley, Scott Geersen, Daniel Bavell, Jessica Morgan, Ian Watson
Lab Producer: Jayne Herrmann
Head of Production, The Lab Sydney: Prue Fletcher
Audio: "Howlin' for You" by the Black Keys

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