The warehouse was built on the grounds of an old coal mine in Stoke-on-Trent.

Being a safety rep, I need access to a camera in order to obtain evidence of any safety violation within the warehouse. As I can never completely depend on the company camera being available, I take along my small Casio Exilim ES-S880.

A colleague told me a story about a ghost that he and several others had seen wandering around this area. Although I personally do not believe in ghosts, to satisfy the mind of my colleague I placed my camera up on a box and left it recording in video mode whilst I carried on with my work in another area of the warehouse.

I had completely forgotten that I had set the camera recording. When I returned to this area to finish off my duties the camera battery was flat. So I packed the camera away, and forgot about the experiment.

I didn't see the captured video until several days later, when my friend came to my house and asked about it.

I set my camera on playback, and left my friend in the upstairs study watching intently whilst I completed some paperwork in the living-room.

After what must have been about half an hour there was a loud scream from the area of my study.

I momentarily thought that my friend had done something silly and received an electric shock, so I ran upstairs.

Look! look! My friend was gasping, look at that.

Sure enough, on the small camera screen I could see something happening.

It's the ghost I told you about, my friend exclaimed. No! I replied, desperately trying to bring my friend out of this hysterical state before he got himself a heart attack. There must be some logical explanation for this, perhaps it's an overtake or something.

I can't explain what has happened here, and I still don't believe in ghosts, even though I can state categorically that I have never seen the person here in the warehouse before.

You decide.

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