The Love Edit is the second version of "Christabel" photofilm by Christmas & Holmes, in collaboration with Love In The Afternoon boutique.

The visual inspiration for this project are Pre-Raphaelite paintings and William Blake's poetry illustrations.

Christabel is a photographic storytelling by Sojournposse photographers Salina Christmas and Zarina Holmes. It is the collective's ongoing project on photopoetry.

It is based on an 18th century poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge about a young woman, Christabel, whose life is taken over by a vampire named Geraldine. Christabel is also a story about inner conflict, guilt and suppressed desire. This work was influential in the birth of Gothic storytelling genre taking place at the end of that century.

Special thanks to our muse Myriam Lengliné who played Geraldine.

Love In The Afternoon is a specialised boutique for jewellery and vintage clothing. Their collections are also available at Urban Outfitters in London.

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