This is a demonstration of the affects white light have on marine life, and how a red led can help you stalk sensitive critters.

I was shooting video on this dive, but used a sola 600 photo to position the tripod and focus before recording video clips. Excuse the early stability issues, I didn't expect I'd ever be using that part of the clip.

Once I power on the white Sola Video 1200 LED lights, the octopus is clearly disturbed. And as I power them up and switch off the red light she retreats into her den. In a still photo shooting situation, the red led would allow you to set up and focus on the animal without causing any disturbance. You'll also notice the pupil slit narrow when the white light is turned on.

The video was shot with a Sony NEX-5 in Nauticam Housing, 18-55 lens, 1x Light & Motion Sola Photo 600, 2x Light & Motion Sola Video 1200.

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