Camera: Canon HF10 Vixia / June 2008 / At Highest Definition Setting

(.. an electrochemical conversion type of hydrogen fuel cell with it's base source derived from nuclear energy - all nuclear waste blasted into outter space with the ships' course set for the sun. Yes, I am expressing a sort of high-fetched ideal, here, but what other effective alternatives do we have when it comes to this sort of 'do or die' war we have been having with the environment in regard to ourselves misusing it)
Ontario Hydro is about to waste millions of dollars on a dud technology in an effort to boost it's electrical power output for the province. Taxpayers' money allotted for hydro development projects should be saved for a more efficient concept - a future/ultimate solution, 'the mother of all projects' and not wasted on band-aid ideas like those offered by such groups as the 'Green Collar Power Coalition', a 'wind farm' type development. The provincial government should, here and now, stop considering such alternatives when it comes to the fertile soil regions of Ontario. Members of government should be obligated to consider the province's future within a realm of true, common sense.
These days I am left to wonder if an individual's money, power and status are more important than our children's/grandchildren's future.

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