A film about the fascinating, eventful story of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Royal Dynasty of Romania, never really written in detail in any history books, being considered almost a forbidden chapter to this day. With resilience and dedication they changed the course of history of their adoptive country.

In 1859 two principalities, Wallachia and Moldavia, situated in the South-Eastern part of Europe, surrounded by the biggest empires of the time, the Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Empires, were allowed to merge and form a new state called Romania.

In order to avoid domestic quarrels and get the support of the foreign powers, the Romanian politicians decided to appoint a foreign prince to the throne of this newly formed state ‘at the gates of the Orient’.
On May 1866, Carl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, a relative of Napoleon III, was chosen to become the new Prince of Romania under the name of Prince Charles I.

Thoroughly researched and well composed, the film gives an accurate picture of one of the most significant pages in the history of Romania, reconstructing the missing chapter of the Romanian Monarchy, a magnificent golden era violently brought to an end by the totalitarian communist regime in 1947.

With the help of unique archival footage sequences, (some as old as 1903), rare archive images from private collections and copies of original historical documents, the most crucial, decisive moments are vividly depicted.

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