"Shadow Factory:Teufelsberg"
8 min. two channel video and sound
Stephanie Allespach 2010

Sound collaboration with Tatsumi Ryusui
and Kyouta Kouyama

A body moves through space, recording and creating newly formed tracks. As it progresses the camera rotates and spirals upwards, traveling from one interior to the next. Shifts of light and dark turn into subterranean space, insular and reflective. Destroyed walls and broken bottles intermingle with ambient considerations. Smoke and clouds, concrete and steel, all equally ephemeral.

Shadow Factory: Teufelsberg is a video shot in an abandoned American Spy Center. This ECHELON intelligence gathering network was built on top of Teufelsberg (Devils Mountain), Berlin's highest elevation. A heap of WWII rubble, it buries an old Nazi school that is now sanctioned parkland. This vacated listening center, whose acoustic domes are now used by musicians, houses squatter camps and graffiti.

It is a place of transfiguration.


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