Renee's Dream by Stefanie SCHNEIDER
Screened at the first ever Short Film Session at Rich Mix on Mon 30 Aug 2010.

There are certain sub-themes common to Schneider’s work, not least that of journeying, on the road, a feeling of wandering and itinerancy, or simply aimlessness. Alongside this subsidiary structural characters continually appear, the gas station, the automobile, the motel, the highway, the revolver, logos and signage, the wasteland, the isolated train track and the trailer. If these form a loosely defined structure into which human characters and events are cast, then Schneider always remains the fulcrum and mechanism of their exposure. Sometimes using actresses, friends, her sister, col- leagues or lovers, Schneider stands by to watch the chance events as they unfold. And, this is even the case when she is a participant in front of camera of her photo-novels. It is the ability to wait and throw things open to chance and to unpredictable circumstances, that marks the development of her work over the last eight years.

Film Year: 2005
Total Running Time: 00.04.30
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Originating format: Super 8/ Polaroid stills

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