Remake of Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie's "We Are The World" from 25 years ago ... the Copycat Charity Allstar event from USA to attempt to repeat and the organic outpouring of energy from UK artists pulled together by Bob Geldof for "Do they Know it's Christmastime" ... as a fundraiser for Africa.

Geldof started this genre, and the event was called "BAND-AID". Followed up with the first of the superstar charity outdoor weekend events, LIVE-AID -- happening simultaneously in several cities across the world, again to raise money for Africa.

America songwriter Lionel Richie was at this time a hot commodity in USA, and of course so was Michael Jackson. Richie's Manager, Ken Kragen, felt there was opportunity here. So he engineered this "WE ARE THE WORLD" recording event co-written by Richie and Michael Jackson... Though the end result of that Original recording (25 years ago) (see RELATED VIDEOS) is a happy event with great performances, the production was artificial (Jackson records one of his segments separately and overdubbed), and over-publicized about just what a great humanitarian thing they were doing. (GOOGLE IT and you will find many references such as the sign at the artists entrance instructing artists to "Check your ego at the door". That this had to be said at all says a lot.

So, 25 years later, at anniversary time, this was perfect fodder for parody, and thankfully we have the talented Sarah Silverman and merry band of comics delivering just the right notes to commemorate this event.

The coolest thing is seeing Aimee Mann playing it straight -- the only real musician that is actually singing, but with zero theatricality --- on key and clean, but detached. Just adds to the beauty of this production. NOTE: Kurt Russell had a longer into, but for purposes of the MUSICAL presentation, it's compressed.

Search the Tags and you'll find the ORIGINAL to compare it against. Great job.

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