This is an animated title sequence for "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" a movie that would be based off of Alan Bradley's novel by the same name.

Sweetness is currently just a book, but I think it would make a really great movie.

The book is a murder mystery that follows eleven year old Flavia, a chemistry savant, on her quest for whodunit. She must prove that her father is not the murderer.

Flavia is a very sarcastic, quirky character so I decided to use heavily stylized animation and movement to highlight the story's quirk. All of the illustrations were originally done in illustrator with textures and handmade patterns. The animation is done in After Effects.

I used a classical piece of music because she references many classical pieces in the novel.

In the novel, one of the first clues that something is up is when a dead blackbird with a stamp stuffed onto its beak shows up at the family manor. I decided to take that jacksnipe and bring it back to life. Flavia chases it around as a metaphor for the chase for the truth.

Music: "The Carnival of Animals: Fossils" by Camille Saint-Saëns

After Effects CS5
Illustrator CS5
Photoshop CS5

Independent Study in Digital Design (Summer 2010)
Oklahoma State University

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