Montreal Hearts Episode 13 - Season Finale. Reg returns to his loft after a gruesome day. He gets a beer out of the fridge, drinks, takes off his coat, and sits down at the computer to surf the internet. From his inbox, entitled "Broads" he has mail from Aurora, which he decides, at great pain, to delete forever. Then he goes on Google search engine for porn videos in the form of Big Tits. Perusing the sites offering boobs, jugs, teen, babes, amateurs, MILFs, juggworld, etc. he finally elects to research his hometown. Reflective, he goes to the bathroom then throws out the toothbrush Aurora used, right next to the toilet and sink. In bed, having shown off his beautiful body in the mirror and re-donning his pink tie, Reg picks up Life of Pi by Yann Martel and reads in his PJ pyjamas. Giving in to temptation he does the walk of shame to his darkened living room and looks up titties again, undoubtedbly to masturbate himself to sleep.

Musical Guest: The United Steel Workers of Montreal

Featuring Adam Kelly

Direction/Edit by Shaun Malley
Written by Adam Kelly
DOP Elias C. Varoutsos
2nd Camera Chris Alsop
Gaffer Richard Valentini

Bonsoir, nos amours.

A Gung Horse Production 2010

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