Task List

:00:05 Coors Train Test
-Modeling, Texturing, Rendering of train
-Smoke effects, particles

:00:09 Lexus Race
-Scene Assembly
-Rendering, some lighting

:00:14 GMC Terrain
-Interior Lighting
-Interior Texture Tweaking
-Modeling of Seat Back DVD screens and surrounding areas

:00:24 Lexus HS
-Created Entire Environment ie: Modeling, Texturing

:00:29 Pontiac Spy Hunter
-Modeled, textured "Enemy" cars
-Scene Assembly for miscellaneous shots

:00:37 Chevy New Toy, New Joy
-Modeling, Texturing ie: shelves, toy boxes, some toy box graphics

:00:42 IPhone Test
-Camera Animation
-Texturing, Lighting, Rendering

:00:51 Pontiac Mine
-Texturing, Modeling of miscellaneous scene elements
-Lighting, Scene assembly

:00:53 Mini Cooper
-Smoke effects

:00:58 Ford Taurus
-Developed Grow effect and implemented into scene
-Lighting, Rendering, Texture Tweaking

:01:05 Ford Edge
-Grow effect
-Some Modeling, Lighting, Rendering, Texture Tweaking
-Speaker/wire Animation

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