A remix of the very popular Jingle bell rock, another short and fun track.

This is my first year in computer controlled lights, I'm quite pleased with the show and aiming for a bigger better 2011.

All 100% LED based bar the 9 reindeer.
Power consumption is a measly 265watts / 2.16Amps.
Vixen Lights is used to orchastrate the lights, while a FM transmitter plugged into the speaker output of the show pc enables passers by to tune in.
A centralised control box is used to store the controllers and associated power supplies - it is also fully automated with timers
to switch power on to the lights at showtime and off at end of show.
Infomation about the show is displayed via the LEDTriks (A programmable LED sign).

More info about the build to come at: xmasinrocky.com

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