I remove the lens near the end of the clip.
My Final Cut Pro Capture Settings
In Final Cut Pro, Log and Capture your clips shot as 1080p24 from the
HV30 using the Easy Setup named "HDV, 29.97, HDV - 1080i60 FireWire
In Compressor, choose Add File and navigate to the capture scratch
folder for the clips you captured and open them all.
Select the first clip in the batch.
Choose the setting named "Apple ProRes 422 for Progressive
material" (found in Settings tab > Apple > Other Workflows > Advanced
Format Conversions > Apple Codecs), and drag it onto the first clip.
Double-click the setting on the first clip to highlight the Inspector
In Inspector > Encoder Settings > Video Settings, change the framerate
to Custom, and enter 23.976.
In Inspector > Frame Controls, enable Frame Controls and make the
following settings:
Set Frame Controls to On
Set Deinterlace to Reverse Telecine
Click Save As to save this setting with a name such as "HV30 HDV 24p
to ProRes 24p".
Add this new Custom setting to all your clips and submit the batch.
The resulting clips will be 24p and can be edited in a 24p sequence in
Final Cut Pro with no interlacing or cadence issues.

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