Namo Buddha, Namo Dharma, Namo Sangha

An 'Homage' to mindful arts by LOBSANG TENZIN

"I made this video as an art offering to my dear friend and loving teacher, Tsengdok Rinpoche, to celebrate his return to Canada after receiving his Geshe degree during a ceremony at Gaden Jangtse Monastery in India. "PUJA DORDENMA ARTISTICA" is a personal expression and is meant as an homage to the 'mindful arts' and how art can blend the edges of culture to shape our unconscious values, to exist within our perception, yet, poetically oblique, beyond my ignorant words, intellect or imagination." - LOBSANG TENZIN,

The archival footage of Frederick Williamson
- University of Cambridge (circa 1931-35)

Lobsang Tenzin for "Wandering Artist Television"

Gangtok (Sikkim)
Gyantse. Lepchas. Yamdrok Tso, Lhasa, Tsarong, Drepung, Sera, Samding (Tibet)
Tongsa , Paro, Bumthang, Ha (Bhutan).

Lobsang Tenzin.

FEATURING: H.E. Tsengdok Rinpoche H.H. Bo Rinpoche (Vocals), Harold Fisher (Bass), Eric Roberts (Drums) and Lobsang Tenzin.

Mixed in the 'jazz" as an artistic contribution

for exactly that reason, - awaken the viewer to the possibilities in everything, to see life a different way

To show how cultural lines can blur with art, when we stop analyzing bits a pieces and learn to absorb the intention of events, as a "whole" and valid reality.

How dancers interpret dharma was not intended for those chants, as much as the jazz was never intended to work with the images ... but from this artist's perspective, the jazz worked with both the specific rhythm of chanting and the movements of the archers, and the strobing mountain peaks ...

We all are all dancing on this world to a rhythm we can feel with our "being" but cannot hear with just our ears and cannot see with only our eyes.

The 'homage' is only a personal poem,
with a clear narrative, that was felt by this artist at the moment of its creation.

The Bhutanese archers were dancing,

The jazz syncopated in a non-analytical way that "spoke" to "this artist". The total created something different than just the sum of the parts,

... and from that root this video creation grew

This expression was not a product of intellect,
but a resonance of a heart wanting to show what that "puja" meant ... to this artist.

It is an art expression,
(a little gift for Geshe la)

May peace and happiness bless the hearts of all perceive the Dordenma prophecy, or just simply see the word "Dordenma"

For the benefit of all sentient beings

much love,

Lobsang Tenzin

"The Wandering Artist"

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