Cover of the Newyorktimes magazine. For the year in ideas issue, 10th anniversary. Made out of about 1000 balloons, confetti and streamers. Huge installation to create a QR code (smart phone code scan) out of those balloons. When the code is scaned, it brings you to the nyt website, year in ideas section. There you can see the making of the installation, a big time lapse that show you everything. Working in collaboration with the Newyorktimes magazine, I came up with that concept, flew to NY to build the installation and shoot it there with Tom Schierlitz. I had my two NY collaborators helping me to build the thing (Ben and Paul). Wonderful experience !

Cover :
Clients :Thenewyorktimes magazine
Cover by : Karim Charlebois-Zariffa
Photograph by : Tom Schierlitz
Installation : Karim CZ, Paul Fuog, Ben Bryant
Postproduction : Matthew Horn
Making of :
Production : Thenewyorktimes magazine
Director : Karim Charlebois-Zariffa
Music : Like elliot did


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