Demo Reel Breakdown (in order of appearance)

Cloth – February 2010

Implementation of a mass-spring cloth system written in C++ using OpenGL. The circle that moves around represents the area that wind has an effect, and the arrow in the middle of the circle corresponds to the direction and strength of the wind.

Fur – November 2009

Implementation of fur using shells. Written in C++ using OpenGL. Code to display the rabbit mesh was not written by me.

2D Fluids – March 2010

Built a 2D fluid dynamic system in C++ using OpenGL. One can add forces and densities to the fluid, depending on which button on the mouse they press. The gradient from green to purple represents the gradient from dense to light. Based on paper by Jos Stam

3D Fluids and Particle Effects System – April 2010

Expanded the above program to three dimensions (save for the densities), and implemented a particle effects system. Forces can be controlled in the X, Y, and Z
directions (same mechanism as in the cloth demo), and the resulting forces throughout the fluid structure are computed and displayed. A source for particles can be placed anywhere within the fluid.

Catmull-Clark Subdivision – Octob er 2009

Implementation of Catmull-Clark subdivision written in C++ using OpenGL. Mesh framework was not written by me.

Raytracer Bumpmapping – December 2009 – January 2010

Videos produced by my raytracer. I wrote the code to calculate ray intersections with objects, normals of objects and bounces of rays off of said objects, mirrors (which you don’t see here) and shadows, and the code to create procedural bump maps over time.

Möbius Life – Spring 2008

I did everything for this animation except for the music. The animation was done at 30 FPS in Adobe Flash, and I drew all the frames of each animation cycle with a tablet.

Vyoozik – May 2009

Audio player and visualizer that I wrote in Java using Processing. Save for a music library and a matrix analysis program, all the code is my own. The software tries to see whether or not songs that humans consider similar (songs of the same genre) are the same as songs that computers find mathematically similar.

Snowman – November 2009

Animation produced using a 3D animation framework that I wrote in C++ using OpenGL. I wrote the code to display the snowman, to allow users to save keyframes, and to
interpolate between them using Catmull-Rom splines, among other things.

Analog Visualization – Spring 2009

Movie that shows real world objects reacting to music. Everything (save for the music) was done by me. The visualization is done using mostly electromagnetism and vibration.

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