He says next time, I'm gonna do a Craig Ferguson puppet impression.

Albus, my albino whitefaced Lutino Cockatiel, in his second video appearance. He is a rescue and is (we think) a little over a year old.

He is living with PDD, a wasting disease that is common in parrots. Because of this, you might notice some behavior in the videos that you think is strange but is actually normal for him. PDD is not curable, it is fatal, but with treatment some birds can live a long life, some can live months. It depends.

I know the quality isn't great, because I'm using photo booth. Once I get my video camera up and running, it will hopefully improve.

Sometimes I have the site plinky.com open for questions, but this time I did not. I apologize for awkward silences.

This is only the second of many vlogs to come! Leave a question for us, he will answer it!

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