So I wasn't really thinking about the footage that I had when I wrote the song, and there's some dissonance between the visuals and lyrics (I didn't shoot at night or in the rain for obvious reasons), but I think this video pretty aptly summarizes my experience with the Blazing Dungi this summer on the Appalachian Trail.

The instrumental track is "early dismissal," by dug, used without consent.

Long Trip

Day one of the blaze
we were walking in the rain
after conquering the roller coaster
sweat-soaked in body odor
For two miles, we night-hiked
our muscles inflamed
going through torrent, by flashlight
and no one complained.

At Dick's dome,
we filled up the whole place
left not an inch of un-slumbered on space
and Gus fell asleep
with his head on my face.

Step by step
with blisters on our feet
We conquer the mountain
at blazing speeds.

On the second day
No hesitation
seven miles of mountains
before we found catoctin
they were also walking
so we walked with them
to the Apple House
where we settled in
for a preplanned chance to chill
had a treat or two or
eight free refills

And as amped as we were
as one-camped as we were
slapping fives still we divide
giving hugs to each in stride
saying "good game" as we part ways
That night
in a significantly larger shelter,
we stayed,
some among us wrote letters to send away
and some dungus misplaced the mayonnaise

it was almost only incline on the third day
trucking up one of Shanendoa's steepest mountain trail faces
it takes concentrated
will power to make it up in the hours
that it took to us to get to the top.

Step by step
with blisters on our feet
we conquer the mountain
at blazing speeds so hard
Nick gets a nosebleed.

Our water levels, as always, were low
at every water source
Seth would volunteer to go
fill what he could
of the jugs from the trickles
marked specifically
as sources of water on the map.

liberties were taken with the
campsites we staked claim in
we conceded to peace and whispers
with the thought of getting caught to consider
and so awoke before the sunrise
to breakfast we hiked with sleepy eyes

Day four was hardcore and
we knocked out some miles,
hung out on a hang-gliding drop-off
for a while,
and day five saw another early rise
in the Elkswallow picnic paradise
where we parkored, and sparred
climbed trees, fell down, played cards.

It was our day of rest
Emma came, she's the best,
with the bus, nice and quick
to transport us to the cliffs.
We set up our camp
at Stony Man
and the campers split off
on their solos overnight
alone but together in soul,
all survived and we met
in the light of the sun on the rocks
for worship in the morning.

Aladdin and Claire
Jossie and Seth
miss all of you Dungi
you guys are the best:
We miss Ethan, and Leah,
Julia and Sam
Deigo, Erin, Sawyer
and Isaac, and Anne.
We miss Kaia, and Laurel,
Gus and Giovanni,
Amanda and Rose,
Levi, Paul, Nick and Zhanna.

Last Day of the blaze
we were walking in the rain
after a five AM exit of beds
to get started on
twenty hard miles of tread
as we walked in the wind
we were one with the clouds
couldn't see through the drops
couldn't hear for the sound
through the elements
however intense
we will prevail
we killed the gorp
in a tarp off the trail
and wet M&Ms got
pigmentation everywhere
unfazed so we blazed onwards
down to the hills of the slaughter
and down down down
to familiar ground
to see the Pines was our elation
just three more miles to our destination
along Conway River, just down the road,
waiting patiently there for us, Shiloh, our home.

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