These clips aren't actually in Las Vegas, they're an hour outside of Vegas in a town called Mount Charleston.

S-money and I did some scouting and came across these runs. They roughly averaged about 70km/hr and pretty sure was at least 12+km in length.

I wish we had more time to skate the hills, but time was of an essence. Also, not really knowing the road conditions and the road itself, I took it a little easy. The road was wet in certain areas because of snow runoff hiding in the shade.

North Side - I thought it was fun. It's definitely a road you can haul ass all the way with no need to break tuck. But the length can also be your enemy, it'll burn your legs. I also just love scenery while going down, it's gorgeous!

South Side - This one was my favourite. Again, it's a road you can just haul ass on. Very nice long sweeping banked corners you could just lean into and rock some accelerate out of meow.

Well hope you guys like it, cause I sure as hell did! I would definitely consider going there with more time and doing more runs in the area!!

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