Ney is the rainbow of sound
The breath is broken up into its colors
Deep down in Ney

A white breath
Breaks up into
Seven colors
From seven holes

In a sense Ney is the prism of sound
Neyzen who is the blower of Ney
collects all the sounds inside himself
And shares his breath
With Such a sharing that
There is no loss
But gain
From a breath to seven-color sound

Like passing under a rainbow made of sound
With our own Neys
Neyzen with his Ney
Everyone with his own way
Everyone with his own thing
Some of us with voice
Some with brush
Some with physics, with mathematics
Some with cameras
Some with computers
And some with pencils
But all of us with our own Ney’s,
Meaning that with our own ways
Don’t we all join in this orchestra of Existence?
By uniting and composing our breaths
With our own ways?

Isn’t everyone a wind instrument, indeed?
Neyzen is no different
Than you
Than us
Only the instruments are different
The breath we taken in
And the breath we give out
are the same
Only the means are different
And this is our difference
This is your difference
This is the difference of disposition
This is the share of difference in creation
for each of us
From the endless treasures of God.

We need to find it inside and take it out
Neyzen has found his Ney
Breathing through it
Giving what he receives
Not taking back what he gives

On this stage of Existence
He shares his breath with us
He shares his breath with you
when it is his turn

and now
it is your turn
we wish that
you make this breath that you take from Neyzen
pass it through your own instrument
your own prism
and add yourself in it
to share with others

from the first breath
to the last

whoever you are
in whatever way you do

Original Turkish Text by Volkan Binici
Translation by Ferhat Sen

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