These are the unreleased chronicles of the Razors Blitz Tour, these were suppose to be more bonus sections in the video United Front 2: Trash, but there was not enough room left to include them on the DVD. Now the are online for the world to see.

The Razors Blitz Tour took place in the Summer of 2002. It went through 13 states, hitting 28 skateparks in 31 days. Every week skaters were switched up on tour. I was the only person on the tour from start to finish.

The tour consisted of Jon Elliott, Brian Shima, Robert Lieavanos, Mike Johnson, Dustin Halleran, Omar Wysong, Iain McLeod, Jeff Stockwell, Micah Yeager, Tory Treseder, Dustin Jones, Jason Howard, Charles Dunkle, Cory Casey, Wes Driver and myself.

This tour was pure hell. It was too long and the sleeping conditions were terrible. The RV was overcrowded and the toilet was constantly overflowing.

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