Filipino Canadian siblings Johnny and Anna travel back to the Philippines for their grandmother's funeral. Their inheritance? Her opulent country estate. With their sexy socialite cousin Vanessa leading the way, the three take a trip to their new property and meet Tommy, the estate's mentally challenged resident, and one who may have psychic abilities.

When Vanessa invites some local boys to the estate for some excitement (motorbiking, pot-smoking, etc), their day of adventure turns into a waking nightmare when one of the boys suffers a mysterious death. Soon the cousins discover that their grandmother’s tales of spirits and monsters hiding in the forest are more than just urban legend; in order to save his family, Johnny must recall not only Grandmother's stories, but their lessons as well.

The film's monsters serve as metaphors for the remnants of memories left behind in the motherland. Candido suggests that to listen to and remember the stories and histories of our ancestors is the key to survival. Gerard Salonga's score is pitch-perfect in its creepiness, while Candido's direction demonstrates a solid command of the genre. His lens delights in delivering onscreen eye candy, photographing his stars and locations with a magnetic gaze that will have your eyes glued to the screen until the very last frame.

- Christopher Au (SFIAAFF)

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