This is the maiden flight of Prof100's F22 scrachbuilt. Plans are from Golem in RCgroups. Plane is made from Dow Fanfold foam. I added a KFm2 airfoil and TV tabs. Thanks to Dick Kline who invented the KFm airfoil. Video was taken with a Jazz Elite HDV 178. Digital zoom is evident, but acceptable.

The plane has an amazing speed range which is facilitated by the KFm2 airfoil. Be patient, the slow flying doesn't occur until a few minutes into the video at about 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

Plane flies great right out off the assembly table. Flight started with zero reflex and then added in about 4 clicks of up elevator to get it to fly level. This was subsequently adjusted mechanically with the linkage and the trim was reset to zero.

23" wingspan
Motor: Suppo 2212-06 Blue w/ 40A Suppo ESC
Prop: 6x4E APC
Battery: 2200 3S - 20C Lithium polymer
2"x 1.25" Thrust Vectoring tabs
KFM 50% top airfoil.
AUW 17.5 oz.
CG is 1/4" in front of plan CG.
Radio: DX6i with AR6000 receiver.

Again, this is the maiden flight. Airfield is Flying Pilgrims RC airfield in southeastern Michigan.

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