When Sam amusingly commented that they might win an award for "Quietest Band on Earth," well, he wasn't kidding. Under the mirrored dome of the Cultural Center in downtown Chicago, we were alone. And it was only I, during that snowy afternoon, that heard their great music. Sam's soft whispering lyrics, Megan's happy hums, they all sounded really lovely in that enormous room meant for a hundred others.

A hundred others. It was a challenge for the two of them to play their songs completely unplugged. It's not easy. Even the songs from their record, appropriately named "Chicago," that I fell in love with before the flight in were all noisily electric.

There's a lot more too about Sam McAllister and Megan Frestedt than this one song I ended up with. This young duo from Minnesota are the founders of Chicago label, "Tandem Shop" that include their own musical collaboration, Project Film. We spoke a lot about the role of DIY kids in the world today. Especially for music and the arts. We make the music we want to hear, we make the art we want to see.

These two are still so young and yet so effectively and passionately plugged into the Chicago scene. Both as the label AND the artist. In the end, I mean to call them again someday for a mulligan of this Session. We have much more to bond about. But for now, I'm enjoying this little piece of our meeting, waiting for their record to come in the mail.

Wanderer Session#52: Project Film
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in Chicago, Illinois
Winter 2010-11

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