2010-12-18 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 11 Death or Transformer

♥ "TRANSCRIPT:" scribd.com/doc/45615973

In this one I come to you as a jeep, as a car - being human, right now, hurts too much. I’d rather not, thank you. Ha, wouldn’t it be nice if it was that simple. Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t care to feel that right now.

Well, that’s how we get ourselves into so much trouble, I’m here to tell you. We run away from this - from our feelings - when they hurt. It’s also my message that turning back around and facing them, directly is the best way. It’s the only way, really, to resolve them. Well, maybe not only, but the best and shortest one, it is.

So, I come to you in this journal from having been working on a boatload of pain - working through that the best way I can. Being with it is just the beginning, of course. Being willing to feel it is what opens the door to the blessings it brings. So I do that.

And it hurts. Sure, it does! We all have pain. It’s not like I have a monopoly on that, or anything, here. We all have our own version, our own varieties - multiple - of various pains. Letting the mind take over and just wallowing in that is NOT what this is about. This is not a mind thing. Be sure to take it to heart. Make heart home base.

So, coming to you as the car is a bit of a way to step back into a bit of objectivity about that which is. It can be difficult. Be creative! Whatever works for you. Just stay in heart.

I share with you some of what I’ve been seeing, as I sit in heart and merely observe this pain - the situations it is attached to. I get to watch self in how it now is handling that. When the pain is intense, we will often strike out. So I watch the self, glad that it’s not talking to the friend or the loved one right now - the things that self says. I just note it. Okay. That’s another aspect of the self...

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