Dennis Kucinich runnning for President describes what Peace really means and how the present administration is starting and preparing us for perpetual war. Some quotes follow:

“I am taking a stand for Peace in the United States Congress, I am taking a stand for Peace as a Candidate for President.”

“If War was not profitable, Wall Street would stop it. Wall Street, the Media, both political parties now, are all telling us that we have no choice but to continue war. It’s as if our sensibilities about our external reality are so powerfully challenged that we sometimes have trouble understanding what is real and what is not.”

“We are being told that War is the essential reality in this world and the war on terror is a fact that we have to live with. This is what we are being told. This is a reality that is being impressed on us. And yet in our heart of hearts we know that at the core of this story … is a lie.

“Choices were made that took us in that direction We took a road that did not have to be traveled. Now again we are called upon, once again, to determine what’s true … and what’s not.

“Our politics today would seem to put truth on the scale with gold bars, and the one who has the most gold is the one who tells the truth. Our politics would seem to say that truth is measured by consensus, that if everyone agreeing on a lie … well it must be so.”

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