Made for the 2010 Christmas services at Living Stones Church. The building has dual 1080p projectors, allowing ultra wide videos.

The center Nativity video in full resolution can be seen here:

Directed by Worship/Arts Pastor Donald Zimmerman. Featuring musicians Mike and Liz Mumford and Donald Zimmerman playing various instruments in the key of D. Bible/creed reading by Lead/Teaching Pastor Harvey Turner. Additional instrument footage by Jake O'Rourke. Layout of videos by Cory Currence.

As DP and editor, I had to bring to life a traditional nativity scene set to a reading of the Gospels/creed, as well as take video and record audio of the instruments.

I used a Panasonic HMC-150 camera. Black sheets or white walls for the background. Candles for the foreground and Christmas lights for the background lighting. The shallow depth of field was achieve by distance and full zoom, or macro focus with camera movement. The camera movement was simply a fluid head tripod rotating on two legs.

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